Perks at Lexus of Watertown

Lexus logo

We’re a proud recipient of the prestigious Elite of Lexus award, which means we’ve been honored by Lexus for providing customers with the highest level of service.

Take a look at the luxurious ammenities offered:

~ Complimentary car washes for life with any vehicle purchase!

~  Free Car pickup for service.

~ Over 100 Lexus loaners

~ Sports Café

~ News Café

~ Nail Salon – Free Manicure – When in for service


~ The Lexus Shoppe (Featuring my paintings)

Car Sales Consultant Update

Well, I’ve been selling cars over one and a half years, and I am still here!!

I can honestly say I feel very comfortable selling. I know the product, but even more importantly, I really get the sales process. It’s always fun leading the board (selling the most in the dealership for the month).  I have lead the board a couple of times.

I did finish second in the dealership for 2014!!    b=cb

Of course, it’s also fun! It has to be or it’s not for me.

It’s winter and so far the snow has been negligible. Which is a good thing because the inventory is much greater this year. (More cars to clean and move and move and clean) At least it’s good exercise!

My glass is always …full. (Usually)   Is you glass half full or half empty?

glass half full

I can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store!!!

Car Shopping is Fun

It happened, a customer actually said it to me first, “Car shopping is fun!”

As of today, March 31, no sale. This customer is not in a rush and I am a patient Car Sales Consultant. However, after test driving a huge variety of cars, Volvo is still on the short list!!

Part of the fun for this gentleman is figuring the terms, fees and figures on an excel worksheet.
Not a common occurrence, but if that’s the fun part for him, so be it! Fun is fun.

I am confident a sale is imminent. Stay tuned.