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August 17, 2018 Barbara started a new career at Lexus of Watertown.


5 Reasons Why You Should Be Nicer to Car Salespeople

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Car salespeople get a bad rap. The only profession who is treated as badly as automotive salespeople is congress, but they actually deserve it. Too many people assume that all automotive salespeople are like the sleazy ones you see in movies: fast-talking hustlers trying to talk you out of your money.

But this assumption is unfair. In reality, the majority of salespeople are hardworking professionals trying to provide for their families, and should be treated better than they are. But in case you need a better reason to be nicer to car salespeople, here are five:

1. They are your friends, family, and neighbors

The number of car salespeople in the country is estimated to be over half a million, which doesn’t include the sales managers, and sales support teams involved in the process.

This isn’t some small niche profession. Car salespeople live and work alongside everyone else, and there’s a great chance that you have one as a neighbor, friend or relative. Treat them accordingly.

2. They’re very stressed out

Sales is a stressful profession, and car sales is one of the more stressful sales jobs out there. Long hours, a high volume of customers, intense competition among dealerships, and pressure to earn a living make car salespeople a stressed out bunch. Being nice to an overworked salesperson will probably make their day.

3. You’ll get a better deal

You catch a lot more flies with honey than you do with vinegar, but lots of people seem to forget that when shopping for a vehicle. Treating someone politely and with respect can go far when you’re trying to get a better deal, and it will absolutely serve you better than being rude or hard-nosed. Humans are naturally inclined to help those who are nice to us, so don’t forget that when working with an automotive sales professional.

4. If you don’t buy, they’re working for free

Unlike other professions, salespeople oftentimes only get paid if they close a deal. So that salesperson who is spending time answering your questions and potentially dealing with abuse is probably doing it for free. That’s not to say you should feel obligated to buy anything, just that you should treat auto salespeople with respect since their time is costing them money.

5. Their goal is to make you happy

There has been a marked shift in automotive sales in the last decade or so. High-pressure sales tactics have been replaced by a more consultative sales model, and since pricing has been made comparable across dealers due to the internet, salespeople understand that they need to earn your business through superior customer service. This means that the salesperson sitting across from you understands that their goal is to make you happy, so let them.

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Makes sense to me!

Female vs. Male Car Sales Consultant

True story. In fact, it just happened. Today, October 7, 2016!!

A male customer, somewhat elderly, walks into the dealership and asks the receptionist for someone to help him pair his new phone to his Volvo XC70. As I walk up to the desk, the receptionist tells the customer that, “Barbara can help you.” “No, she won’t be able to do it.”  I ask the customer if I can try to help. As he looks around to see there is no one else in the showroom, he says, “Ok, but it’s a guy thing.”

We walk to the car, and 1,2,3, his new phone is connected. “That’s amazing, I’m impressed that you could do that.” Instead of making any kind of comment about female vs. male car sales consultants, I just say thank you. Again, he repeats, I’m impressed.”

Enough said!!!




Snippets taken from a recent interview I did with bestride.com.

See the entire article here:


Take a look at Barbara Goodman’s background: She graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with a Bachelor of Science, and attended Cambridge College where she earned a Masters in Counseling and Psychology. She worked for Marriott as a director of catering, and for the Brain Tumor Society as an events coordinator.

It’s an unlikely resume for a car salesperson, but since 2013, that’s how Barbara Goodman has been making her living, with Volvo of Wellesley. “I never thought I would be selling cars,” she says. “To me, the profession dominated by men was not always trustworthy. I believed salesmen would take advantage of people, especially women.”

Barbara is a rare commodity, though. She’s in an industry that is completely dominated by men, at every level.

For Barbara Goodman, selling cars is a matter of understanding who the customer is and treating them with the respect that they deserve, regardless of their gender. “The first question should never be, ‘What color do you want?’” she says. “Never ask a woman when her husband will be coming in.” Yes, partners in relationships — both male and female — discuss expensive purchases with each other, she says. “However, it is unlikely a salesperson would ask a man when his wife will be in to finish the deal.”

“Do as much research as possible before going to the dealership,” says Barbara Goodman. “There is a lot of information online today that anyone can look up what people are paying for cars today. Consumers can research what kind of car and packages they want.’

She cautions to use that power in a positive way, though. “Consumers who are pleasant and polite could get a better deal than a consumer who is demanding, [argumentative] and rude. The latter is what some people perceive they have to be to deal with car salespeople.” She has more information for consumers on her blog.

Car Buyers Can Get More with Honey than Vinegar

You know the old saying, “you get more with honey than vinegar?” I don’t know if the general public believes this or practices this statement. However, after selling cars for three years, I want you to know that statement is definitely true!

There are some people that feel the harder they beat up a car Salesperson, or sales Manager, the better deal they’ll get. I hate to admit this but, I was one of those people. I apologize to the car salesmen I was hard on.

As a Car Sales Consultant, I see how customers who are friendly, pleasant and polite could be the recipients of getting a little bit more than the people that are demanding.

Car Sales Consultant Update

Well, I’ve been selling cars over one and a half years, and I am still here!!

I can honestly say I feel very comfortable selling. I know the product, but even more importantly, I really get the sales process. It’s always fun leading the board (selling the most in the dealership for the month).  I have lead the board a couple of times.

I did finish second in the dealership for 2014!!    b=cb

Of course, it’s also fun! It has to be or it’s not for me.

It’s winter and so far the snow has been negligible. Which is a good thing because the inventory is much greater this year. (More cars to clean and move and move and clean) At least it’s good exercise!

My glass is always …full. (Usually)   Is you glass half full or half empty?

glass half full

I can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store!!!

Car Shopping is Fun

It happened, a customer actually said it to me first, “Car shopping is fun!”

As of today, March 31, no sale. This customer is not in a rush and I am a patient Car Sales Consultant. However, after test driving a huge variety of cars, Volvo is still on the short list!!

Part of the fun for this gentleman is figuring the terms, fees and figures on an excel worksheet.
Not a common occurrence, but if that’s the fun part for him, so be it! Fun is fun.

I am confident a sale is imminent. Stay tuned.