Female vs. Male Car Sales Consultant

True story. In fact, it just happened. Today, October 7, 2016!!

A male customer, somewhat elderly, walks into the dealership and asks the receptionist for someone to help him pair his new phone to his Volvo XC70. As I walk up to the desk, the receptionist tells the customer that, “Barbara can help you.” “No, she won’t be able to do it.”  I ask the customer if I can try to help. As he looks around to see there is no one else in the showroom, he says, “Ok, but it’s a guy thing.”

We walk to the car, and 1,2,3, his new phone is connected. “That’s amazing, I’m impressed that you could do that.” Instead of making any kind of comment about female vs. male car sales consultants, I just say thank you. Again, he repeats, I’m impressed.”

Enough said!!!



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