Test Drives Are Safer in a Volvo

When I first started selling cars, one of my fears was going on test drives with strangers. After all, who were they? Could they drive well? Would I be driven somewhere other than the route we always use?

I am happy to say that most of the test drives have been fairly benign. Notice I said most. Some drivers feel the need to test the steering, zigzagging all over the road. Suddenly stopping to test the brakes is another favorite. I thank the drivers that warn me ahead of time about the sudden stop.

What keeps me sane is knowing the safety of the Volvo. I truly feel safe in a Volvo. In fact when a driver is doing all of their test tricks and turns, I just say to myself, “Relax Barbara, you’re in a Volvo.” Seriously, I do.

Until recently, I only had one audible OMG. That changed when I was on a  recent test drive in an off brand car. I have never been so scared. I asked the driver how long they’ve been driving and when did they get their license. The driver would turn onto a road with a car coming up behind too fast for my comfort. Then there was this other problem they had staying on the right side of the road.

They did not purchase that car, and if they came back for another test drive, it would not have been with me.

Oh well, that’s life as a Car Sales Consultant. At least the odds have been in my favor!!!!

Funny Pepsi Commercial.


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