Car Sales Consultant Status Update

I now have almost eight months under my belt as a Car Sales Consultant.    Selling Cars in the Winter

The good news is I still like it, even after this miserable winter. I learned that layer upon layer upon layer….works!

What the Volvo company is doing and emerging into is an interesting story.  It is my hope and opinion that the $11 billion infusion from Geely will bear fruit by the end of 2015. For more information about the future of Volvo read this article,

I have my good months and not so good months. I understand the car sales business can be this way.  No surprise, but it sure is a lot more fun making sales.  I still have a lot to learn about cars and the car sales business. However, I am proud of my progress and knowledge acquired in this relatively short time.

I blog, post on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Stumble all in the hope that my marketing and social media presence assists in the sales process.  The question is how to hang on until the next generation of Volvo is in the showroom.  Any suggestions?


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