Car Salesmen use,”Buddy, Bro, Pal”

I am in a predominantly male business; I get the differences between the sexes. However, it amazes me how males refer to each other as, “Bud, Buddy, Dude, Bro, and Pal.”  They aren’t all really close friends, yet those references do indicate a connection, at least to me. These terms are not exclusive to car sales; I just happen to be in the business and am more aware of these interactions.

I can’t think of any words or nick names that men and women can use interchangeably. I suppose part of this would result from steering clear of sexual harassment. Using, “Honey, sweetie, babe, dear…,” would certainly not be tolerated by most women today.

I’m not complaining, rather, as a woman car Sales Consultant, it’s just something I’ve noticed.




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